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In part one, I commented on their accounts of Nazi Germany being assisted by Reptilian and Nordic extraterrestrial groups. The Nordics were seeking allies in their galactic conflict with the Draconian Reptilians, and believed that the US Navy would eventually become an ally.

Furthermore, according to Tompkins, Nordic extraterrestrials assisted the U. Tompkins says that Nordic extraterrestrials were embedded in aerospace companies where he worked, such as Douglas Aircraft Company and TRW, and actively helped in the research and development of antigravity spacecraft. Goode also says that the Solar Warden and Dark Fleet programs coordinate with different extraterrestrial visitors.

Eight battle groups were eventually constructed, and these rotate with four in service at any time, while the other four undergo maintenance – similar to the scheduling of aircraft carriers. Air Force and other groups: There were more than 8 of the “Cigar” shaped carrier class and other class of vessels of various sizes and classifications.

Goode has said that he directly served in Solar Warden from 1987 to 2007. They were designed to carry various type of “craft” that many think of as the TR-3B…

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Could these be actual alien spacecraft, sophisticated military vehicles hidden from the public or incredible hoaxes?

Significantly, he says that the TR-3B Locust became outdated with the deployment of Solar Warden space fleets, and became a hand-me down from the U. The TR-3B is considered extremely outdated technology and in many cases has been gifted as “hand me down” craft to “Elites” within the Secret Earth Governments and their Syndicates as something akin to “Company Jets”.

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