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Many autistics can, with therapy and medication, live lives that have all the meaning and mundanity of a “normal” existence. Jude appeared to be heading for the latter category. Even less is known about what might halt its ravages.Some antidepressants and antipsychotics can alleviate symptoms. “A priest sprang forward to administer last rites,” Sayre wrote, “but John was beyond that.” On the evening of February 3, 2010, Gigi B. Before arriving at the Peninsula, Jordan, who had started a successful home health care company 20 years earlier, had gone to a Chase Bank, where she made a transfer of million between two accounts.Except for quick dealings with hotel staff conducted in the doorway, she would not leave the room for the next 40 hours. Jude seemed to develop normally at first: One photograph shows him with his parents, curly-haired, smiling.At one point, he chose to sit next to another teacher, instead of with his mother.“That was an exciting moment for those us watching and observing,” Mabey later said, “every time Jude was making contact with somebody and moving away from his mother physically.”Mabey last saw Jude on January 19, 2010. They stayed at the Four Seasons in Palm Beach, returning to New York on February 3.

She and Jude went into the apartment and emerged about five minutes later.Jordan began corresponding with Flint Waters, a Wyoming-based investigator of Internet crimes against children.Eventually, she took Jude to Cheyenne, hoping that he could tell Waters about the abuse he’d suffered.But the Studio School seemed like the kind of small, caring place where Jude could thrive.

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He appeared to take to Julianne Mabey, who taught the middle grades.

With his inchoate language, and with the supposed help of a laptop, Jude told his mother of nearly two dozen other people who participated in sexual transgressions against him.

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