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22-Nov-2017 02:28

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She took pictures and was giddy and we spent quite a bit of time out there. She invited me to her place near the Mall of the Emirates, she turned out to be a really sexy Thai girl, around 23 at a guess. I tried to take a vid, got caught and was chased out. For round 2 (Round 1 was the massage at the Happy Place), I went to check out the Abjar Grand around midnight hearing a report of Uzbek and Khazak girls. Turns out it's a Pakistani whatever hotel and I got let into the Turkish night club upstairs. I really wanted this girl DFK a lot more than the Viet. Not nearly the same experience as the Viet girl but it's more of what I like. I don't care for super GFE like the other night (Viet girl calls and msg me again today). Friend got her to Dubai to work so she has a day job as a hair dresser and waxing, but it doesn't pay too much. I think cause it's the week before Christmas and people don't travel to go whoring or take too many business trips so this is to my advantage being here. Was looking for Indian inde in Dubai and tried various contacts. She sent her pic through Whats App and she looked young and hot. A good residential area near creek and the house was a big bungalow and bedroom was huge as well.

She said it was a sad night for the girls at the club, not a lot of customers and that was really apparent. Not sure if I want to try another CIS girl, look for a Mainlander or Thai (haven't seen one I would take home), or look for Indian / Pakistani at Mirchi. So can I suggest you go find yourself as Indie Indians can be RTFF here then share and contribute as love to hear a newbie views of this area. Very quickly she asked if I want to go home with her. I did some more rounds including going to the Filipina den upstairs. I thought she might deliver a little drink for me, but not on this occasion.