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Traditionally, garlic has been an integral part of the Mediterranean diet and many Asian cuisines.

Nowadays people around the world eat garlic because they like it and/or think it is good for them.

Here is some information about the nutritional content of alfalfa supplements, as well as some of the conditions that may be effectively treated with the use of these herbal pills.

Few herbs contain the range of necessary nutrients that are found in alfalfa supplements.

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A 2003 review by researchers at Brigham Young University found that garlic supplements were modestly effective in lowering total and LDL (bad) cholesterol in 6 out of 10 studies. Population studies suggest that people who eat a lot of garlic and other allium vegetables have a lower risk of certain cancers, including stomach, prostate, and colon.

Persons who suffer from arthritis may find that taking alfalfa will help to ease the constant pain, as the compound helps to neutralize uric acid in the system.