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23-Jun-2017 13:28

But the Prime MInister has condemned these homophobic attitudes and statements saying, “They were “unacceptable” and “an excess.” (3) On the website Gays Without Borders this report was posted in 2007 but is still valid in 2012: ‘Homosexuals Face Little Choice But to Leave Albania or Put Up With Deep-rooted Homophobia’.

It was written by Ben Andoni in Tirana: “Could I tell my mother that I am gay? I would never want to cause her such trauma at this stage in her life.

It remains a poor country by Western European standards.

Its GDP per capita stood at 28 percent of the EU average in 2010.

Basically there are not a lot of practicing Muslims. Albanians were the most helpful and kind people I met in all of eastern Europe.

The Albanian capital, Tirana, is home to more than 450,000 of the country’s 3,200,000 people.[In February 2010, the Parliament of Albania unanimously approved an all inclusive anti-discrimination law which bans discrimination in on the grounds of various characteristics, including sexual orientation and gender identity…“But attitudes toward homosexuality have not changed much, and they have to protect themselves.”] Terpo continued, “It’s not that now, in 2007 [or 2012], there is any real difference to what we have seen before.However, traditional homophobic attitudes force Albanian gays and lesbians into secrecy and toward the fringes of society.

Intolerance, physical and psychological abuse and discrimination are common in the workplace, despite the presence of protective statutes.More recently, there are signs of economic growth and increasing investments from foreign investors.