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It is no small endeavor given the enormity of the residence which is some 20-thousand square feet. It was she who put up most of the bankroll for him to open the Vets Club.

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This multi-racial ring averaged ,000 per night (each). "I was hustling up at Lump's Pool Room, on 134th Street. Especially in the wee hours of the morning when club hoppers with too much to drink took their nine-to-five frustrations out on whoever was available. The man who was as well-known for his charity to children as for his deadly temper when he was crossed by other gangsters.

Additional information on Chester Campbell Wheeler below. " Black Underworld: Frank Ward not only met with Max Julien (above-with his two brothers) to make sure the actor portrayed him correctly, but he also provided protection for the cast and crew on the set of "The Mack." Ward was the biggest black crime boss/black godfather to come through Oakland, ever.

Backstory: A convicted murderer and reputed hit man for drug dealers -- who triggered a furor in 1975 when he was arrested with notebooks filled with details about drug investigations and top law enforcement officials -- was arrested Wednesday by federal agents. He was also a pimp with the largest stable in Northern California. Trouble came when Huey Newton and the Black Panther Party-who ran the political side of black Oakland-felt the production had infringed on their turf.

Law enforcement didn't instill fear in Wheeler, on one occasion, he tried to run them off the road.

Cops found a "kill list" notebook (in his car) that included 300 names of victims and dead informants as well as daily routines and the diagrams of homes. Numbers, protection, those little pieces of paper flying out of your pocket. I wanted to see the world." To read more about Frank Lucas, click here: "DID BLACK PANTHERS ASSASSINATE BLACK GODFATHER/PIMP?

All that glitters isn't gold and a few of the Gabor's met a tragic end. She had been a premiere runway fashion model with a nationally known black fashion organization. " the giant Black bald headed trick moaned and groaned in sexual delight as he reached climax. The man who was the undisputed King of the Harlem Underworld. And from the looks of things, the 45-year-old man who was about to take his last breath.