Between black dating interracial man white woman lesbian dating usa

19-Jan-2018 04:35

There are swirling sites run by black men and women and even a forthcoming coming film, which hopes to appeal to the “Rainbeau” dater in all of us..

You don’t see white therapists or white relationship experts or other white folks with alphabets behind their names and a platform, spouting the virtues of dating black men and women.

And if there are folks willing to read it, than you can place the blame solely on black media for continuing to cater to their audience. So much for thinking that the milk is less spoiled on the other side.

Which leads me to ask: If the color of the person we choose to date doesn’t matter, why do we talk about it so much? Truth is, championing dating interracially to empower the black community, particularly black women, is no more logical or rational than the colorblind racists, who believe that breeding ourselves into one in-between race will fix the world (yeah, like that worked for the Chinese and the Japanese).

I started dating a junior named Kevin, and he introduced me to the world of partying, drinking, and marijuana.

He had a large group of slacker friends who partied all the time.

Although I kept up my studies and grades, by the time I began my junior year, I was a total submissive, slut, party girl who was regularly fucking Kevin and eight of his friends.

I have fair skin with some freckles, curly auburn hair, and green eyes.

My breasts are 34Ds, my pussy is shaved smooth, and my ass is well-shaped and firm.

I was overly impressed by all of them at first, and wanted to be liked and to fit in.

That’s when I discovered my submissive personality.

Our partying was so sexualized, that I even had some brief lesbian encounters with a couple of the other girls that hung out with us, and were fucking the boys too.