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28-Jul-2017 07:23

However, once the trust is broken, it seems impossible to restore the sweetness that existed in the beginning of the relationship. About 3 years ago we both started to get sexually venturesome and spoke about threesomes. I have tired ever since to forgive her and I believe I have. But I wonder if I am at fault but dont think so and could use an opinion or two. You know, after being with someone for 20 years it is like a sixth sense. My wife replied by saying that she wanted to meet him sometime in this new year about half way.

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She could not deny the facts, because I printed all of the stuff and still have to this day. Today, I have spy software on my computer for such things and my wife has returned after 2 years and found out that the grass is greener but not as abundant and reliable as the former pasture. Well a few days ago my beautiful wife was on the computer and then went to shower and accidentally the computer on online.